“I grew up at Fox River and recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in biomedical engineering. I currently work for the University, performing odd jobs for IT programmers. I hope to work in Madison for a year or so to pay off my student loans, then work with a prosthetics or orthotics company to use my degree to do mission work across the world.

Right now, a challenge with my current job is that I don’t have the opportunity to exercise my analytical problem-solving skills, which is something I love to do. Yet, God has reminded me time and again that He can use me wherever I am. I’ve absolutely loved getting to know my coworkers and seeing trust, appreciation and respect grow in my relationships. I’ve had many opportunities to share my experiences about the Christian student organization that I volunteer with. I’ve also had the privilege of doing life with a coworker who is openly hard-hearted toward God. Our experiences are not exactly the same, but the struggles that this broken world brings, and the emotions behind them, are similar. God has paved the way for building trust and has opened the door to have honest conversations about Him.

I don’t always see God in my work, but He’s continually faithful to show me that He’s intimately involved in every part of my life. The conversations that He provides remind me of His sovereignty and that my workplace was chosen by Him for me.”