The No Regrets Men’s Conference is an annual event, started in 1994, designed to create an environment for men to be challenged in their relationship with the Lord at home, in the workplace, and in their ministry. No Regrets Men’s Ministries exists to empower the local church to develop it’s men into an army to reach the world for Christ.

Fox River Christian Church will stream the conference at our Waukesha Campus. There will be small group breakout sessions and opportunities to connect as a community. Men of all ages are welcome, and are encouraged to invite a friend.

Todd Pope - Triggers & Fences

This session will explore taking offense and what that looks like, with a goal of being unoffendable. How happier your life would be if you CHOSE to be unoffendable.

Rob Pilant - "The End" - Some Endings Are Absolutely Necessary

Not everything is supposed to last forever! Some things, some relationships, and some jobs are actually meant to be temporary. So how do you know when to keep fighting to make something work and when it’s time to let it go? And how do you let it go when you know it’s time? I want to share with you what I’ve been learning about the “necessary endings” we must embrace in our lives, if we truly want to see God do the extraordinary through us.

Josh Amstutz - Productively Slowing Down

We live in a fast paced world. Learn some tools to being more productive, while slowing down at the same time.

Scott Mathison – Make Your Own Superhero

Come learn how you can make a difference by looking for and developing the hero’s around you. We’ll study Jesus’ model of disciple making to release you to make a difference.

Mike Francisco - The Life You Were Meant To Live

Are you tired, worn out, burned out, or stuck living a rat race? You are invited to something different, something new, and something more. Join us as we look at how to live the life you were created to live!

Bill Gunderson - Foundations of Parenting

How to win as your role as a parent. We’ll talk about God’s plan for parents, conflict resolution, and some practical daily helps for parents.

Ken Brummel – Nehemiah on Leadership

Leadership matters! Whether at home, the workplace, church, or elsewhere, you need to be the right kind of leader. Come learn from one of the best, Nehemiah the master builder, on what it means to be a godly leader that gets things done. In this session Pastor Ken will be highlighting several powerful leadership lessons from the book of Nehemiah that will take your leadership to the next level

Will & Erika Conner - Being Christ in Your Marriage

We’ll look at who God calls us to be as Husbands, and what that look’s like in the daily life of marriage.

Mark Weigt – When God Doesn't Make Sense

All of us have experienced unanswered prayer, disappointment, tragedy and loss in our lives. If we don’t do something, we could either hurt our faith, and even lose our faith to the point of walking away from God. What do we do when God doesn’t make sense? We will look at some things we can do to connect with God during these times so that we can actually deepen our faith.

Rob Warnell - Conflicted Over Conflict

Whether at work, home, or just trying to avoid it, conflict is inevitable, inescapable, and even necessary. Learn some tools to navigate conflict well.

Josh Kennedy - The Power of a Praying Man

What is pray, and how does it impact us. Come learn what God tells us about it, and how it can change you and the circumstances around you.

Mike Tatge - How do we Know the Bible is True?

Come look at the evidence for the accuracy of the Bible. This will help you gain a confidence in your faith in God and His Word.

Zack Jaeger - Thriving Through Struggle

We’ll look at the Beatitudes that Jesus taught us and how they can help us overcome struggle and thrive in life!

2019 No Regrets Breakout Sessions