The No Regrets Men’s Conference is an annual event, started in 1994, designed to create an environment for men to be challenged in their relationship with the Lord at home, in the workplace, and in their ministry. No Regrets Men’s Ministries exists to empower the local church to develop it’s men into an army to reach the world for Christ.
Fox River Christian Church will stream the conference at our Waukesha Campus. There will be small group breakout sessions and opportunities to connect as a community. Men of all ages are welcome, and are encouraged to invite a friend.

-Featured Speakers-

No Regrets Breakouts

Josh Amstutz – Activate Your Calling

So many think that only those in full-time ministry have a special calling on their lives. This couldn’t be further from the truth. If you’ve ever wondered if there is a kingdom purpose in your day-to-day life in the marketplace, or felt inadequate to serve God, or wondered what has God called you to… learn how to discover and walk in your calling.

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Ken Brummel: True Success

What is success – really? How do you know if you are watching the right scoreboard? Has God given us any insight concerning what truly matters? This session will challenge your definition of success and help you to live life with no regrets.

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Will Conner – Has Christianity Failed You? What it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ

Do you have doubts about your faith? Do people outside or inside the church make it hard to keep believing? Do you have intellectual problems with believing in Christianity? Do you feel like you simply don’t fit the mold of Christianity? Join us as we talk about these difficult questions, what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ, and the hope that exists for skeptics and disappointed believers alike.

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Bill Gunderson – I am supposed to share my faith, right?

I am a Christian. I am a man. I am supposed to share my faith, right? Well…how do I do that? Sharing Jesus can seem very intimidating and difficult. Take comfort though – it doesn’t have to be. Together, let’s discover some simple and effective ways to follow Jesus as we share Him with others.

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Mike Francisco – Five things those over 50 won’t understand

There are many things that parents (and bosses) of millennials don’t understand. We all deal with the questions, comments and confusion from those older than us. The fact is that young people today have more debt than ever, are more interested in a career over a family, have digital relationships, and experience a culture where settling down is crazy and religion is hostile. This isn’t your parent’s world…but they think it is. Discover how to deal with unrealistic expectations.

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Scott Mathison – Marriage: What Do You Expect?

Take a moment of your life to discover the myths and truths on how to gain more joy in your relationship. Hear from men who strive to model a better marriage to their wives, children and community.

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Brian McKee – Fostering Multiethnic Brotherhood

In John 17:21, Jesus’ prayer was that we may be ONE. Explore the levels of experience, culture and ethnicity that forge tight bonds across backgrounds that help Godly men present a credible witness of Christ to the world.

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Dave Ford – The Buck Rut

The deer rut is the time of year when bucks are more active and less cautious than usual. Learn about the different stages of the deer rut and how they apply to our spiritual journey.

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Steve Papez – Biblical Manhood

Our society offers many answers to what it means to be a man. Some degrading, some misleading, some accurate, and some just plain wrong. What does God’s Word teach about authentic manhood?

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Rob Pilant – The Imbalanced Life Is So Much Better

A lot of ado has been made out of living a balanced life, but what does that really mean? Do I give the same amount of time to everyone? Do I dedicate the same amount of energy to every relationship? Do I set apart the same resources for every aspect of my life? The answer is no; life is so much better imbalanced.

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Rob Warnell – Mentoring and Being Mentored

Who you listen to matters. Who you pour into matters. There are plenty of people who offer their opinion, sometimes making it difficult to filter through. Intentionality is key for discerning who you seek advice from and give it to.

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Mark Weigt – Getting to the Heart of Complicated Relationships

Our ability for healthy, God-honoring relationships starts with us. What can we do to put ourselves in position to experience these relationships? We will talk about one principle that will get at the “heart” of it.

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