“I first came to Fox River with my family in 2000, when my dad was a pastor here. 17 years later, my wife, two young daughters and I call Fox River home. For me, God is present in the everyday things. I live out my faith in practical ways each day by putting my trust in God and being obedient to Him – if I didn’t do that, I’d be in a different state of mind all the time. Through my relationships with family and co-workers, I am often surrounded by people who don’t believe in God. They know about my faith, but also know that I’m not going to judge them or look down on them.

God has also proven faithful in the big, hard things. Last year, my dad passed away. I really struggled with questions after his death; he was a man of faith and service for years, yet he suffered from declining health. I didn’t understand why God would allow it to happen, and I anticipated that my heart would feel hardened toward Him. What actually happened surprised me; my heart was softened through the way He provided through other people. My family and I were lifted up by countless people in prayer as we dealt with my dad’s death. Our church family loved and served us in practical ways, and that was God’s way of caring for us.

What has grown my faith most over the years is becoming a parent. Experiencing that depth of love, and understanding in a new way what God sacrificed when He gave His only Son hits me big time. While I don’t try to force religion on my kids, it’s important for them to see it lived out in the everyday and big ways, so they can make the decision to follow Him for themselves.”