Communicate the mission and vision of Fox River by creating and implementing quality video content.


  1. Video creation
  • Develop and present creative concepts for videos. Plan, shoot, and edit video projects including narratives, documentaries, announcements, stories and promos for use in weekend services, website, social media, ministries, internal purposes, etc.
  • Responsible for filming/documenting all major events/activities of the church; seek out God-stories and avenues in which those may occur.
  • Provide directional and creative leadership to others working on videos to create work done with excellence and efficiency.
  • Seek out and capture compelling life-change stories.
  1. Teamwork: Works effectively with the Creative Team on creative ideas and sharing of work flow and work products (graphics, photography, audio, etc.).
  1. Volunteer development: Effectively recruit, train and develop volunteer videographers, editors, and/or animators, reinforcing a culture of teamwork and empowerment.
  1. Be an active member of staff and participate in staff functions. Attend necessary planning and production meetings.


  1. Abilities /skills/competencies:
    • A solid editor with motion graphic skills and high attention to detail. Understanding of story, framing, sequencing, and composition with the ability to communicate message through images.
    • Requires a high level of creative thinking, awareness of current video trends and the ability to translate direction into creative images and thematic elements.
    • Understand camera angles, proper framing, and dynamic shot composition
    • Able to properly light for video using multiple lights including stage lighting, LED, halogen, natural daylight/available light
    • Skill in staging and background and scene setup
    • Skill in camera operation, care and maintenance; scripting and storyboarding
    • Able to carry a project from conception to pre-production development through production to editing, post production and product delivery
    • Able to use an HD video camera(s), 3 and 4 point lighting, background/set pieces and high quality audio; shoot single and multiple HD video and DSLR cameras using talent either in interview or green screen shots
    • Able to integrate graphical and motion materials into the video process
    • Familiar with a variety of codecs (including, but not limited: Apple ProRes, Uncompressed HD, H.264,, MPEG 4, .mdv)
    • Able to use additional production equipment including camera sliders, stabilizer, dollies, jib arms, etc.
    • Understand the proper use of multiple mics including wireless, lavaliere, handheld, ambient, studio, and shotgun microphones to capture quality audio for video interviews, standups, voiceovers and natural sound
    • Photography experience is a plus.
    • Software competencies: Mac OS X/Windows, Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite (Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator, etc.), Apple Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5, Compressor 4, Aperture 3, Logic Pro 9, iWork, Microsoft Office, Google Apps
  2. Personality or characteristics: A strong team player; excellent communication skills. Organized, detail-oriented, innovative, and able to work under pressure and meet multiple deadlines.
  3. Experience or other qualifications:
    • Experience in videography, including lighting, lenses, shot composition, direction of talent, and a working knowledge of current camera technologies/techniques.
    • Strong ability to provide art direction and creative feedback to other members of the team.
    • Experience and ability to cast vision for a project and provide leadership for other team members.
    • Two years minimum related experience and/or training preferred.
    • Should be a member of Fox River Christian Church or willing to begin the membership process immediately. Able to fully commit to the mission, vision and values of Fox River Christian Church.
    • Committed and growing disciple of Jesus Christ; this person’s commitment to Christ will be evidenced in his/her personal life, family relationships, and ministry.
    • Physical requirements: Has the ability to lift up to 25 lbs., and if needed, to stand or walk for long periods.

Work hours:

Full time, includea some evenings and weekends

Please send resume and any questions to: