Our staff will contact you within 72 hours of your request.
Payment may be required.
Payment for facility is paid upon booking.

User Policies to be aware of:

  1. Smoke Free Facility
  2. Confetti, Glitter, Rice, etc., are not to be used in or on church property.
  3. Any damage to facilities (or equipment) other than from normal use, shall be the responsibility of those using the facility (equipment).
  4. Indemnification: It is an express term of this agreement that the User indemnifies Fox River Christian Church for any costs or damages of any kind incurred by Fox River Christian Church as a result of the use of the church by User.
  5. All bookings and arrangements to be made through the church office or Campus Operations Director.
  6. Cancellation: Please notify the office or Campus Operations Director within forty-eight (48) hours of cancellation.