“My husband and I first came to Fox River about seven years ago when our friends invited us to join them for weekend service. Soon after, we called Fox River home.

I started to read the Bible regularly and learned what it means to have a genuine relationship with Jesus. In 2012, I accepted Christ as my Savior and realized that communication with God is a dialogue, not a one-way street. Reading His Word, but also listening with my heart to what He tells me, and then following His promptings.

Next, I joined a Small Group at Fox River, which was way out of my comfort zone – a big leap of faith, but so worth it! I took another step in my faith journey when I got baptized, together with my husband.

The continued transformation of my heart and renewing of my mind comes from spending regular time in His Word. I can only change my perspective, my attitude, and have a choice to trust Him and live by faith. I worry less and keep my thoughts on God to let His peace fill me. It’s definitely a learning process, but I know He has a plan for me that He reveals on His terms, not mine.

Applying God’s Word also shows in serving. For me, that is lived out here at Fox River, in my neighborhood, or by encouraging others through affirming words or kind gestures. The more I grow in Him, the more I become aware of the opportunities and blessings He gives me. As a result, I am more intentional, mindful, and sensitive to the needs of people I come in contact with.”